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To increase security of employee information, all employees will need to re-register with tigBenefits. There are 4 ways to register:
  1. Turner Industries email account
  2. Google account
  3. LinkedIn account
  4. Create your own account
Choose one of the ways to register, and CLICK on the link to the corresponding instructional video below.

To better protect your privacy, please remember to:

  • NEVER give your password to anyone, including Turner personnel and supervisors.
  • Always try to avoid using tigBenefits.com from public computers.
  • Always try to avoid using tigBenefits.com from free wireless networks such as at Starbucks.
  • Always log out when you are finished using tigBenefits.com
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Please check your information again. If you need help signing into your account, please click here to reset your password and/or recover your E-Mail address.

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